3D Printing Making Musical Instruments

The YDS-150 stand was reworked into the same formula as the common soprano saxophone stand


3D Printing Mac peripherals Making

3D printed stand for the Thunderbolt3 dock CalDigit TS3 plus

3D printed stand to stabilize the powerful CalDigit TS3 plus Thunderbolt3 expansion dock in the upright position.

3D Printing Making Musical Instruments

3D printed stand for digital saxophone YAMAHA YDS-150

3D printed stand for the digital saxophone YAMAHA YDS-150. There is also a review of the stand as a practice device.

Arduino memorandum Electronic work

ESPr Developer board settings for using as arduino (November 2020)

ESP8266(ESPr Developer)をarduino IDEで使うときのボード設定。とりあえず2020年11月現在で動いている設定をメモしておきます

3D Printing iPhne/iPad Making

[STL Data Distribution] 3D printed anti-rolling clip for the Apple Pencil

Apple Pencil easily falls off the desk because its cross section is perfect circle , so I made a clip with a 3D printer to prevent it from rolling around.