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ESPr Developer board settings for using as arduino (November 2020)

Board settings are a little different from the old information

It's been a while since I've used the ESP8266 (ESPr Developer) last time, and I found that the board settings when using it with the arduino IDE have changed. It seems that the name was changed because the library was updated.

I'll write down the settings that worked for now.



Board "Generic ESP8266 Module"
Builtin Led "2"(no built-in LEDs, so anything OK)
Upload Speed "921600"
CPU Frequency "80 MHz"
Crystal Frequency "26 MHz"
Flash Size "2MB (FS:1MB OTA:~512KB)"
Flash Mode "QIO (fast)"
Flash Frequency "26MHZ"
Reset Method "dtr (aka nodemcu)"
Debug port "Disabled"
Debug Level "なし"
IWIP Variant "v2 Lower Memory"
VTables "Flash"
Exceptions "Legacy (new can return nullptr)"
Erase Flash "Only Sketch"
Espressif FW "nonos-sdk 2.2.1+100 (190703)"
SSL Support "All SSL ciphers (most compatible)"



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